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1 year ago

Medical equipment repair

Welcome to Probelogic exclusive "Medical equipment repair" service.
We are one of the most popular service company for your anything ultrasound related help.
We repair all brands ultrasound. We can reduce your cost. Experiencing performance difficulties with your medical equipments ?
Call probelogic. Get expert help

Medical equipment repair

1 year ago

smart transducer technology

Smart transducer technology by Probelogic.

Are you fed up with your ultrasound performance ? Learn how to improve your ultrasound performance.

How to take it for a long time. It's complete ultrasound care,repair and replacements. For anything ultrasound related.

Call Probelogic Pty Ltd. Get expert help. Save your time and money.

For anything ultrasound related query, contact Probelogic Pty Ltd. Get expert help. Phone:1300 611 503 ( Local ) , +61 417 884 446 ( Int. )

Have a happy ultrasound care !!!

1 year ago


Probelogic offers probe repair and renovation for a spread of ultrasound probes, as well as convex, phased array, linear, and TEE for a good style of makers.
Ultrasound - All brands ultrasound repair.
In several cases, repairs on broken or broken probes will be created for a fraction of the value of a replacement new or used ultrasound electrical device.

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1 year ago

Oil and gas - Service by Radiation Professionals



Before We Get Started, Some Background Information
The geologic formations that contain oil and gas deposits also contain naturally-occurring radionuclides, which are referred to as "NORM" (Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials):

Uranium (and its decay products)
Thorium (and its decay products)
Radium (and its decay products)

Geologists have recognized their presence since the early 1930s and use it as a method for finding deposits.
Much of the petroleum in the earth's crust was created at the site of ancient seas by the decay of sea life. As a result, petroleum deposits often occur in aquifers containing brine (salt water). Radionuclides, along with other minerals that are dissolved in brine, precipitate (separate and settle) out forming various wastes at the surface:
Mineral scales inside pipes
Contaminated equipment or components
Produced waters.
Learn more about oil and gas, industrial service by radiation professionals.

1 year ago

Radiation professionals history,projects

Radiation Professionals are a complete lifecycle radiation service provider to the natural resources industry. We have decades of combined experience in radiation management and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) management.


Learn more about radiation professionals

1 year ago

Radiation Safety Officer – Petroleum (NORMs) Course

This course is appropriate for personnel involved in the mining or oil and gas industry where Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) may be significant.


The course is in 6 modules that are broken into 20 sections.Duration:3 days .9am–4pm(Approx.).

Who the course is aimed at

This course is appropriate for personnel involved in the mining industry where geologicalsurveys, drilling, mineral processing,sample analysis for uranium, and where Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) may be significant.

1. An introduction to radiation
Basic Radiation Physics
Properties of ionizing radiation
Properties of Natural ionizing radiation

2.Understanding radiation from a biological perspective
Internal and External Hazards
Biological effects of ionizing radiations

3.Radiation Safety and Protection
Radiation Safety Principles
Safe Working Techniques
Personal Hygiene
Administrative Controls

4.Radiation Detection, Measurement and Dose
Radiation Detection & Measurement
Radiation MonitoringPractical
Radiation Monitoring Programs
Radiation Dose Limits
Radiation Dose Calculations

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the trainee will have an appropriate understanding of radiation and its effects, including the ALARA principle and the legal and practical considerations of radiation on site. The trainee will have the appropriate level of knowledge to work on site under a licenced Radiation Safety Officer.
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